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Black is Back!

30 Nov

I’ve finally arisen from my tryptophan coma.  While I didn’t risk my life and venture out into the war zone that is Black Friday, I did manage to find some extra special savings online.  Here’s what I got:

NY& Co. was having 50% off EVERYTHING!  And Ann Taylor was 40% off EVERYTHING!  How can you say no to bargains like that!?!  My NY&Co. package was delivered today…I can’t wait to try my loot on when I get home 🙂

I also purchased these lovelies from Neiman Marcus:

I can’t wait for them to arrive 🙂

Did any of you brave the Black Friday jungles? How’d you make out?



25 Nov


Turkey Eating Pants

24 Nov

So the time has come to break out the infamous Joey Tribiani “Turkey Eating Pants.”  For those of you who are not familiar with this particular episode of the greatest sitcom of all time (imho), it’s the season 8 Thanksgiving episode guest starring Brad Pitt (yummmm).  Monica decides that not enough people eat the turkey so she’s not going to make it prompting Joey to commit to eating an entire bird just to have turkey on Thanksgiving.  In order to ensure enough room to fit all the food in his stomach he dons a pair of Phoebe’s maternity pants.  Thus the creation of Joey Tribiani’s “Turkey Eating Pants.”

My version of the T.E.P. are a lot less clownlike than Joey’s, but they clearly serve the same purpose.  Nothing beats a pair of stretchy leggings on a day of feasting.  Along with a roomy top, like a poncho, all matter of splurging can be hidden easily and stylishly.  I’ll be travelling up to my dad’s place this year, and my brother (aka Dr. J) will be doing the cooking. This means it’s guaranteed to be DELISH! Similar to the Friends episode we will not be having turkey this year, but rather a huge rib roast which has caused Stepmom to grumble a lot little. Dad will probably give in and order a turkey from the supermarket just to appease her.

Here’s what I’ll be wearing tomorrow:

What are y’alls Thanksgiving plans?

Here I Go Again!

23 Nov

“My name is Liz and I’m a Harry Potter addict.”  That’s right kids, I’m going again!  First it’s dinner at Carpe Diem, my favorite pub/bar in Hoboken.  I can’t decide what to get…fish & chips? gruyere burger? pulled pork?  So many options, so little room in my tummy.

Last night I spent the entire evening helping my best friend, Miss E, scour the mall for an outfit for her 10 year high school reunion.  Unfortunately it was a total bust.  She’s going again tonight, but we did come up with a back-up plan using my favorite black ponte dress similar to this look:

I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since I went to my reunion. Ahhh the memories. It was like the cafeteria all over again. All the cliques sat with the same people they did in high school, and no one really ventured to converse with anyone outside of their group except for the occassional polite “Hi, how are you?” But I looked damn good, IMHO. It went a little something like this:

But my sweater was a beautiful cashmere cardi from Ralph Lauren Black Label. “Like, totally blew my allowance.”

Disco Stu

22 Nov

First let’s get the important stuff out of the way.  Harry Potter was AMAZEBALLS!!!  I was in heaven from start to finish.  It’s definitely PG-13 which is weird considering the books are originally targeted for a younger audience.  I think I’m going to see it again tomorrow night.  The previews were for Little Red Riding Hood and The Green Lantern.  Both look really good, and Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern costume is drool-worthy.

Saturday night I went out with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in over 2 years…DISCO STU!  The last time I saw DS was at a friend’s wedding, and we had the best table ever.  I met DS at a local bar in Morristown where his friend’s band was playing.  The evening was moving along and when it was time to go he invited me back to his friend’s place for an afterparty.  Long story short, shots were had and I woke up the next morning with only half of my body on an aerobed in some random person’s living room.  I’m definitely getting to old for this sh*t. 

I couldn’t wait to get out of that place and get coffee.  On the way back to our cars DS and I stopped for breakfast at Zebu on South St. in Morristown.  Excellent coffee and even better taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich!

The rest of Sunday was fairly uneventful…lots of sleeping and eating 🙂

Happy Harry Potter Day!!!

19 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Pt. 1 arrives in theaters today.  I’ve already pre-purchased my tickets to see it.  The local movie theater has just been revamped to be a dine-in theater…I’m still not sure what this means, but the tix cost me $20!!!  I think there are tables and waitresses, and most imporantly a full bar 🙂  For that kind of bank I better get a cocktail on the house.  I’ll report back tomorrow on how the movie is, although I’m sure it will be nothing short of FABOO.

Here are a couple OOTDs to catch up on:

This week’s outfits include some new pieces like a gold feather necklace purchased at a boutique in my home town, and the Theory Kaleb sweater dress/tunic. I don’t know who can wear this as a dress, but it hits me about mid-thigh so I guess it could be dress for someone shorter.

Mmm, Mmm, Good!

16 Nov

There are few things in my office that make me happy, but I just discovered the most wonderful news…the coffee bar in the cafeteria now serves PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES!!!!  Thank you Corporate Giant for realizing that it’s the little things that make the worker bees complacent.

Ladies Who Brunch

14 Nov

Today I met my high school girlfriends for brunch and some much needed girl talk.  Whenever we’re all together it’s usually with boyfriends, husbands, significant others, and now even babies.  So to get us all together without these “distractions” is quite a feat.

We went to George & Martha’s in Morristown.  I’ve only ever been to the bar, but was pleasantly surprised with how good the food is.  I had flank steak and eggs…nom nom nom!

3 1/2 hours later…like I said, there was a lot to discuss…I’m back home relaxing with a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family.  Only 6 more days until HP and the Deathly Hallows!!!!  I’m too excited to sleep!!!

H&M taupe asymmetric sweater
Target skinny jeans
DV Dolce Vita biker boots- I bought these on Thursday with my Bloomies friends & family coupon…the shaft (hehe, shaft!) folds down to convert them into booties.  LUV!

Am I really doing this???

12 Nov

I don’t know why, but I’ve decided to start a blog which I’ve obviously named “Darth Vestis.”  This brings together my 2 favorite things in this world- Star Wars and fashion…Darth as in Darth Vader, and vestis which is the Latin word for clothing.  Yes, I know I’m a dork.

So welcome to my page, and my journey into the blogosphere (is that what they call it???)

To start, here is an OOTD (and yes this is taken in the bathroom at work):

  • H&M button down tunic
  • Tory Burch boyfriend sweater
  • GAP riding leggings
  • Kelsi Dagger “Winchester Boots”
  • Fuschia pashmina (this office is FREEZING!)