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Weekly Weigh In

17 Feb

I haven’t been to a Weight Watchers meeting in 3 weeks.  Today marked my return to the weigh in, and I was sweating bullets.  How much damage did I do to my progress in the Philippines?  Have I gained it ALL back?  Or worse- did I get fatter than when I started???  After removing my sweater, belt, shoes, and watch I stepped on the scale with trepidation.

The final result: -2.8 LBS!!!!!  I don’t know how it’s possible, but I managed to lose almost 3 lbs.

That brings my total weight loss to 7lbs.  Maybe I really can do this!


What I really, really want!

15 Feb

On sunday Victoria Beckham unveiled her Fall 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week.  Once again VB hit all the right notes in my book.  It was great to see her use bold colors in this collection, but most of my favorites were still based in neutrals.

And the perfect accessory for any of these outfits would be


Kiss! Kiss!

14 Feb

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day with your lovies.

I’m finally back in action.  After 2 weeks in the Philippines I’m back in the states, and I couldn’t be sadder about it.  The Philippines was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.  I’ll be doing a separate post on my trip, because there is just too much to tell you about.  But on my trip I treated myself to a little sumpin sumpin…

HELLO!!!  It’s so pretty and I never want to take it off.