Who am I?

I’ve never really understood the need for “About Me” pages, and most are usually cheesy and overly sentimental…“I’m a seriously deep thinker and a beautiful soul who loves kittens, french fries, and my boyfriend.” I will admit to loving french fries and any other fried food product, or bacon related product, which unfortunately has caught up with me in my old age.  I officially have high blood pressure 😦

I’m an east coast girl who not-so-secretly wishes she was a southern belle.  Actually I’m a bit schizophrenic when it comes to who I am.  One day I’m a Georgia Peach and the next I’m ready to pack up and move across the pond to Jolly Ol’ England, but deep down I will always be a NYC girl.

“Darth Vestis” represents my two most favorite things in the world- Star Wars & clothes.  Darth comes from Darth Vader, my favorite man in black, and Vestis is Latin for clothes.  My closest and dearest friends often refer to me as a dork…I think they’re right!

Thank you for coming by my blog, and welcome to my crazy world.



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