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Friday Faves

31 Dec

This week’s Friday Faves are less about favorite things and more about things to change.  Yes, my friends it time for the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions List.  I’m not very good at following through on long-term goals which range anywhere from not buying anymore underpants (I was slightly addicted from 2003-2007) to paying off my credit cards.  I pretty much suck at it.

This year WILL be different.  Why do you ask?  Well, this is the first year that I’m sharing my resolutions with the blog world.  This means that somewhere out there are readers (hello?  are you there?) who can hold me accountable when I fall off the wagon.  Hopefully, this same time next year I’ll be able to look back on this list and be proud of accomplishing at least 1 item.

With that being said, here are my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Get back into the jeans that fit me at the beginning of 2010. I think this is more reasonable than proclaiming “I’m going to lose 50 lbs. this year!”  I’m assuming, of course, that I haven’t gained 50 lbs. since those jeans fit me.  EEK!

2) Have $500 in savings. This may sound like a ridiculously easy task to most people, but for someone who has a severe shopping addiction like me $500 might as well be $500,000.

3) Pay off 1 credit card. This may prove to be the straw that breaks the camels back.  I have a monthly budget that I try to follow, but I just can’t resist cashmere!

Here goes nothing!



Friday Faves

10 Dec

Winter has snuck up on the tri-state area like a stalker, waiting patiently for just the right moment to pounce.  When I got in my car this morning the thermometer read 18 degrees!  It’s hard to believe that just over a week ago we were all schvitzing (that Yiddish for sweating for all my non-Yiddish speaking friends 🙂 ) our ta-tas off.  It’s officially winter and I’m dreaming of warm sand beaches and umbrella drinks.  Which leads me to the introduction of the newest feature here on Darth Vestis- FRIDAY FAVES. 

This week’s Friday Faves- my favorite warm weather vacations:

1. Hawaii– I started going to Hawaii when I was only a year old.  It was an annual vacation for my family until I was about 10, and then we went back when I was 15.  I haven’t been back since, but I dream of making a triumphant return every day.  We always stayed in Oahu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu.  Most people prefer the other islands for their seclusion, but I think Honolulu offers the best of Hawaii- beautiful beaches like Hanauma Bay, great shopping at Ala Moana Mall, and great food.

2. St. Martin– And I’m talking about the French side.  The Dutch side is super touristy since this is where the cruise ships come in to port and all of middle-america takes over the duty-free shopping district.  No thank you!  The hotel we stayed at is called La Sammana.  It’s secluded location along the Caribbean Sea makes it an ideal beach vacation.  The pool and beach attendants frequently came around to offer cold fruit kebabs and Evian mist to keep you cool.  Who doesn’t love that!?!  This is also the place that introduced me to Molton Brown products, which I’m so very thankful for.  And the food at every restaurant was to die for.  My not-to-be-missed suggestions: Mario’s Bistro and Toucan Café.

3. Puerto Rico– This is another island my family and I frequented for many years.  Growing up, we stayed out in Dorado (30 min. from San Juan) at the Cerromar Beach Hotel which is now defunct.  Best river pool EVER!  Then we started going to The El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo on the east side of the island (1 hr. from San Juan).  This resort is gorgeous with a beautiful pool area and a private island, but a bit removed from everything else.  It’s now owned by the Waldorf Astoria group so I can’t image the standards have gone down one bit.  2 years ago Miss Liss and I stayed at the El San Juan for a long weekend, and last year I stayed next door at the Ritz Carlton.  Both hotels are located 10 minutes from the airport so they are ideal destinations for a quick trip to reboot the batteries.

4. Aruba– Aruba is quite a bit further south from the other Caribbean islands, but it’s well worth the trip.  The Lewis Black commercials don’t lie, the weather really is perfect every day and the people are even more beautiful.  Our flight down was on the now defunct Air Aruba.  To give you an idea of how great this trip was, it started with our pilot introducing himself…TOM CRUISE!  This was not a joke, and his name was even spelled the same way.  It’s an almost 6 hour flight to the island, but the in-flight crew made it fly by.  The head flight attendant apparently was the winner of some beauty pageant at the recent flight attendants convention, and since it was her last day the rest of the flight crew decided to throw a party for her.  I’m talking confetti, champs, and dancing in the aisles.  AMAZEBALLS!  We stayed at the Hyatt right on the beach.  Again, high marks all around.

5. Turks & Caicos– Please note that I have never been to T&C, however this is next on my list of island vacations.  I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the island, and it’s usually a hot spot for celebrity sightings.  My roommate’s coworker stayed at Parrot Cay, and she came back with stories about body surfing with Michael J. Fox’s family and lunching with Mick Jagger.  HELLO!  Has anyone every been?  I’d love to hear your reviews.