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Digging It

27 Dec

Happy belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.  I was on vacation all last week and took full advantage of being disconnected from the world.  I left all my shopping to the last minute so I was busy fighting the crowds and wrapping my gifts.  I think they came out super cute.  I LOVE the black/white/red plaid paper.

What did everybody get for Christmas?  I got lots of scarves, a pair of Christmas pjs, a super cute necklace from J. Crew, and $$$.  Oh, I almost forgot…my aunt is taking me to the Philippines as my gift!  I leave at the end of January for 2 weeks in the motherland…or at least, my mother’s land.  I can’t wait to go, but I’m a little afraid since it’s technically a third world country.  And it’s going to be 100 degrees with 100% humidity which will present a packing challenge…I’ll be tackling that one after the new year.

NJ had a massive blizzard yesterday, and I’ve been snowed in since.  I just ventured out to clean off my car and almost cried when I saw the 2 feet of snow on top of it.  Not to mention the 5 feet of snow that got plowed up behind it.  Are we having fun yet???