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Turkey Eating Pants

24 Nov

So the time has come to break out the infamous Joey Tribiani “Turkey Eating Pants.”  For those of you who are not familiar with this particular episode of the greatest sitcom of all time (imho), it’s the season 8 Thanksgiving episode guest starring Brad Pitt (yummmm).  Monica decides that not enough people eat the turkey so she’s not going to make it prompting Joey to commit to eating an entire bird just to have turkey on Thanksgiving.  In order to ensure enough room to fit all the food in his stomach he dons a pair of Phoebe’s maternity pants.  Thus the creation of Joey Tribiani’s “Turkey Eating Pants.”

My version of the T.E.P. are a lot less clownlike than Joey’s, but they clearly serve the same purpose.  Nothing beats a pair of stretchy leggings on a day of feasting.  Along with a roomy top, like a poncho, all matter of splurging can be hidden easily and stylishly.  I’ll be travelling up to my dad’s place this year, and my brother (aka Dr. J) will be doing the cooking. This means it’s guaranteed to be DELISH! Similar to the Friends episode we will not be having turkey this year, but rather a huge rib roast which has caused Stepmom to grumble a lot little. Dad will probably give in and order a turkey from the supermarket just to appease her.

Here’s what I’ll be wearing tomorrow:

What are y’alls Thanksgiving plans?