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Weekend Roundup

10 Jan

I’m still trying to recover from this weekend’s festivities.


I took it easy Friday night.  Miss Liss and I stayed in and watched movies.  First up was Dinner for Schmucks.  The first hour of the movie was relatively funny, but I was getting so uncomfortable watching Steve Carrell’s character because he is so extremely socially awkward.  But when the dinner scene comes around, I absolutely lost it.  This may be one of the funniest displays of comedy I’ve seen in a long time.  Between the blind fencer and the animal medium I just about peed my pants.

Next we watched Despicable Me.  I’ve been dying to see this movie since the previews showing the little girl and the “It’s so FLUFFY!!!” unicorn.  This movie did not disappoint.  It was cute and funny, and Jason Segel is FABOO as the main character’s arch nemesis- Vector.  If I didn’t love him enough before, I’m officially head over heels in love with Jason Segel.  Jason if you’re reading this…call me!


Saturday night I went into Hoboken with My Midget for the birthday of one of her best friends.  I knew it was going to be a hysterical night when we first arrived because we somehow walked into an office birthday party that was serving free food and cocktails.  I think we even made it into a couple group shots!

After the office party broke up we headed to our reserved table where things just got ridiculous!  The boys we were with were extremely well trained and kept the drinks coming.  We finally left at 2:30 when the bouncer more or less shoved us out the door.  I didn’t actually get home until about 4:30am.


This was my recovery day.  I somehow got sucked into the TLC marathon of Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  It was kind of like a train wreck, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Although I’m now tempted to take a trip up to Alaska because it is beautiful.  If she was looking to increase tourism in her state, then job well done Sarah.

Now it’s back to work.  Hopefully this week will be easier than last week with the new boss man.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Weekend Roundup

13 Dec

Let’s just say that Saturday night was so epic that I can’t even remember what I did on Friday!  So let’s jump right into it…


For My Midget’s birthday we packed up the car with oodles of shoes and champs for a drive down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City.  We stayed at Harrah’s in the Marina section.  After the champagne toast we all headed down to The Pool for cocktails and lots of dancing!  Apparently I was so dead asleep when I got back to the room that I didn’t hear the rest of the party banging on the door or calling the room trying to get back in.  Sorry guys!  Long story short, I’m still exhausted and my feet are destroyed but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. 

Here’s what I wore featuring my newest baby the Chanel quilted clutch.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag!!!

Something I learned on this trip- apparently the latest pick-up line for guys is to just grunt in your general direction as you walk by.  This happened when we stopped at the rest stop and almost every 5 seconds in the club.  Honestly???  USE YOUR WORDS!!!

Weekend Roundup

9 Dec

The last few weekends have been a bit of a snooze fest, so I was really excited to have a packed schedule of activities over the weekend.

FRIDAY– After a long week of work it’s tough to get all dolled up for a night out on the tiles. That’s why I was grateful my friends decided for a low key girls night. We went to dinner at Star Tavern, the BEST pizza in NJ. This was definitely a stretchy pants kind of night.  And then watched the endless number of Real Housewives episodes that I DVRed…I love that DVR has become a verb.


Saturday night Lindz, her beau JB, and I went to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (aka BAM) to see a performance of Trombone Shorty. I was a little skeptical since I’m not a huge jazz fan, but this guy…I was left speechless! He did a 5 minute solo, literally non-stop. Not sure how he did it, but somehow he simultaneously inhaled while continuing to blow his horn. AMAZEBALLS!!!

After the show we went to Junior’s for the most delicious cheesecake in the world. Since I’ve been 10 years old I wanted my wedding cake to be Junior’s cheesecake. This was Lindz’s first time there, which I couldn’t believe, and she got the full experience. The crazy was all out that night and it was SPECTACULAR!


BAM by lizbit77 featuring a scoop neck tank


Sunday I went to my dad’s place for Hannukah brunch.  I got these amazing gloves that can be used with my iPhone.  Now I won’t have to freeze my fingers off to text.

After brunch…and much needed nap time…I went with My Midget to see “Burlesque”.  I went in with very low expectations so as to not be disappointed.  Needless to say I was completely BLOWN AWAY with amazingness.  I mean it had Cher, Stanley Tucci, a ridiculous story line, and the worst acting performance since Mariah Carey in “Glitter”.  In fact, if “Glitter” and “Chicago” had a love child it would most definitely be “Burlesque”.  If you haven’t seen it, you MUST!  Don’t expect Oscar worthy performances, but Cher is still fab-u-lous, and a Stanley Tucci stole the show.

I also submitted my entries for the Michael Kors contest on Polyvore.  What do you think?