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Party Hardy Dude Persons!

16 Dec

Thank you Long Duck Dong for stating, so eloquently in “Sixteen Candles”, that it’s party time! This week I have 3 holiday parties- 2 work, 1 friend. All 3 require very different looks.

The first party is tonight, and is being hosted by a bank on Wall St. This means lots of walking on treacherous cobblestone in freezing temperatures. The answer…WEDGES!

Wall St. Holiday Party

Wall St. Holiday Party by lizbit77 featuring gold plated jewelry

Friday is the office holiday party. Before the recession Corporate Giant would have our holiday parties at museums (i.e. The Metropolitan Museum of Art). This year it’s in the cafeteria…woo freaking hoo. After the official event is the unofficial party in Hoboken with the work friends.

And finally on Saturday, I will be heading over to my friend Kitty’s house for a party with my high school crew.  This will be our first Christmas where someone has a baby so it could get a little scary.  I’m looking forward to pigs in a blanket, pepperoni bread, and Feurzangenbowle which is a German spiced wine that uses a giant sugar cone soaked in 151 proof rum and set afire in the preperation.  I always love a cocktail that incorporates pyrotechnics.